by Tsveti Kamova 
Learning is the best thing we experience in life - from our first breath to the very last one. It is something new, different, interesting, inspirational, emotional, social, practical, full of challenges. With it there is not enough time to sleep or dream, we are not even hungry because there so much work to be done! Who will be the first one to discover all the differences between the two dinosaurs? Who will create the biggest butterfly collection? Who will make the most precise prototype of the Solar system? Who will build this thing that doesn't have a name yet? The three of us are backing up the project - wanna join us?
And just like this, it all happens from the colorful speedcars collection to the new startup. We learn as we live. We live because we learn. We learn because something deep inside us is challenging us to create, solve, make it better. To make our small step, together with others, in the name of everybody else. It is so interesting that there isn’t an obstacle impossible to overcome - the multiplication table, Japanese haiku, First Law of Thermodynamics. Oh, yes, of course, let’s not forget the integral and its beautiful shape - I will remember it forever! Otherwise, how can you pull out your keys from the manhole on the street?
While looking for the best way to clean up the Earth’s atmosphere from the 22,000 (and counting) pieces of cosmic waste, we actually learn. We learn so fast and with such effectiveness that no other activity can even compare. No, this not a fantasy - it has been happening for decades all over the world, in tens of thousands of schools, in millions of homes, skate parks and concert halls. Yes, learning is an activity that can be planned and managed with care and compassion.
Learning in school is not about grades, tests or textbooks. The conversation doesn’t simply start with “how” we learn (which is quite important in itself), but with “why”. So, why do we learn? Is it because we want to create self-confident, good people, capable of taking initiative, making decisions and managing their lives? Now, the “how” part - how might we create an environment which enables this kind of people to thrive, master knowledge and skills and achieve remarkable results?
The first day at school starts with the first breath. Something else happens on September 1st. The air is full of ideas, waiting to be discovered, presented, developed and shared. Enthusiasm is boiling over. Mentors are sought for. Teams are forming and gaining size and traction. Life goes on with the rhythm that we have chosen to make us happy.
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