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    Why Red Paper




    We believe in the amazing capabilities of our children and the importance of spending quality time with them. During the first years of their lives they form a strong bond with us and learn at an incredible rate.


    There is no better time to bring into play their incredible potential, help them become confident human beings and have fun discovering, designing and creating. They can do so much more - and so can we.

    What makes us




    Red Paper Plane is a new learning experience for 3-6 year old children, parents, teachers and caregivers. It is based on missions - creative projects that encourage kids to think and act like designers and engage in a process.


    With each one they discover the world through the eyes of various professions and human activities and solve a particular challenge in a new way. By playing the missions, children develop and bring to life their first own projects.

    Key skills we

    focus on:



    Our missions are based on the design thinking process and help children put in practice the essential skills of the 21st century:

    • Critical thinking
    • Creative problem solving
    • Confidence in their own capabilities
    • Curiosity and experimentation
    • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Patience and concentration
    • Communication and expression of ideas
  • Here's what we make.

    Missions for families and home play

    Everything in one package! Our mission diaries are ready to print and play with additional learning materials developed by us to enrich your daily mission experience.

    Missions for preschools and learning centres

    Creative activities in an educational setting! Our preschool programs are a great way to include innovative project-based work in your curriculum, together with trainings for educators and staff.

  • The first design thinking program for 3-6 year olds.

    Design thinking is the most powerful creative problem solving method we know of.

    We have adapted it for this age group in both family and learning environments.

    1. Discover

    “I observe people and environments, acquire and remember new information”

    2. Choose

    “I experiment with different variations, generate ideas and imagine a solution”

    3. Create

    “I make something of my own and present it to the others”

  • Children love our missions. So do their parents.

    Here's what some of our fans shared with us:

    "The birth of the Solar System replaced the Minions!"

    Neviana, mother of Boyan (7) and Kalin (6)

    "I'm always excited to work through each mission during the weeks to come!”

    Diana, mother of Julius (9), Izzy (7), Amadea (5) and Teddy (3)


    “It charmed me with its constructive challenges, where I can share my own personal experience with my son”

    Elena, mother of Theodor (5) and Matteo (2.5)

    “I am an artist myself and I have a lot of fun playing Red Paper Plane missions with the kids. This is a very well-thought game for developing skills”

    Natalie, mother of Gabriela (8) and Ilyan (5)

    "I saw a new educational method, a fresh alternative to the already familiar (and even boring) family games"

    Galina, mother of Nico (5)

    “An interesting, different activity, where we can create completely new things together”

    Valerie, mother of Philip (6)

  • Flying high over the media landscape.

    Nice words about us from moms, dads and designers alike.

    "This is fantastic! Especially for snowy winter weekends! I’ll totally try the Spaceship Mission with Tilo this weekend."

    "The Red Paper Plane missions take challenge based activities to a whole different level, making each project much more in depth."

    "The best part: the missions can be carried out over 20 solid minutes of play a day for up to a week and be infinitely repeated with new outcomes."

    "Red Paper Plane takes pretend play to the next level because the games get kids thinking about the process behind daily activities."

    "Gut finde ich, dass es keinen festen Spielverlauf gibt, sondern man die Rollenspiele individuell auf die Kinder und das Alter anpassen kann."

    We are nominated for the Central European Startup Awards 2016

  • Fly with the red paper plane.

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