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    Everyone talks about how important it is for children to learn by doing, develop key skills and engage in projects. We make it happen with our program for preschools & kindergartens, primary schools and educational centres.

  • Nelly's story

    ... or how we help teachers do projects with their children


    Meet Nelly.

    I am Nelly - a kindergarten and primary school educator. I like taking on new challenges, because I love my children and I believe they can achieve a lot more.

    Looking for projects...

    We do all kinds of fun activities with the kids but I often notice that it is not enough for them. I want them to discover their true potential, engage in real-life challenges and be proactive. This is why I am constantly on the lookout for new project ideas.

    Time is short :(

    Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and effort - to come up with an idea, to research information and make it understandable and to match it with all other activities we have with the kids.

    Time for a mission!

    With the Red Paper Plane missions I get everything I need - exiting project themes, a proven method with many practical tools, all necessary materials, a detailed plan for each day, enthusiastic kids and engaged parents.

    Skills for life.

    The missions help me to develop key life skills in children - the drive to take on new challenges, to work together as a team, to solve problems in a new way, to turn their own ideas into real things and to be able to present them clearly. I also apply and practice the same skills together with them!

    Mission accomplished!

    After 5 days of working together, Mission: Architect has been successfully completed. We had great fun, but it doesn't end here - we have a year-long program with a mission for each month to help us turn all these skills into habits. My little innovators are moving forward!

  • Introducing "Design Champions"

    Our innovative program for project-based learning for 4-10 y.o. children


    Missions - thematic projects


    The projects we create are called 'missions'. They are thematic design challenges that take children into the world of real human activities and challenge them to solve problems in new and creative ways. Each mission has three main stages - Discover, Choose and Create.

    9 engaging themes


    Each mission is based on a real profession or human activity. Children take the roles of astronauts, architects, doctors, ecologists, car designers - this helps them to develop empathy, to explore and understand the world from various viewpoints.

    Design thinking


    The program is based on the design thinking method, developed at Stanford. It is the leading methodology for creative problem solving and innovation worldwide. Design thinking is used by leading companies like Apple, Google, IBM, SAP and Nike, successful startup companies such as AirBnB and Dropbox, as well as various non-profits and state institutions.

    In-depth materials


    Each mission comes ready to play. It includes a detailed teacher’s diary with instructions for the stages and activities of each project day; children’s diaries with tasks for individual work (shown proudly at home upon a successful mission); all necessary information and presentation materials for the classroom and additional materials for parents to engage with the theme at home.

    Key skills for children


    The missions and the design thinking methodology are aimed at developing 7 key skills in children - creativity, problem solving, concentration and patience, empathy, teamwork, confidence and presentation. The progress of each individual child can be followed with the special skills map we provide.

    Teacher development


    The program expands the capabilities of teachers and educators by giving them a comprehensive method and tools for quality project-based learning. They receive an introductory course, a teachers' guide with helpful tips and continuous support from our team throughout the duration of the program.

  • "Design Champions" in action

    Mission: Architect with a group of children in the course of five days


    The kids get familiar with their mission diaries

    Introducing the materials for the classroom

    Presentation with selected materials on the subject

    Group activity

    Individual task in the diary

    Brainstorming in groups

    Selecting ideas and prototyping

    Making and presenting

    Marking the mission complete

  • "Design Champions" - feedback from teachers

    What teachers share about our missions and the program


    Natalia - preschool teacher"

    ‘For me, as a teacher, it is a great pleasure to be able to go through each mission together with the children. Аlthough the missions are so different from one another, they follow а common rhythm of work that puts the kids at ease. Only by gaining knowledge in early childhood we can expand the potential of the human mind. While working on Mission: Astronaut, Mission: Explorer or Mission: Architect I challenge the kids to be creative, diverse, brave, curious and to work together. Their collective creative energy and their excitement are my greatest joy, because creating team of children that think and work together is a real challenge!’


    Maria - primary school teacher:

    ‘The Red Paper Plane missions are a fantastic way to bring children’s minds into an environment completely different from their own - architect, astronaut, traveller, ecologist, doctor and so much more! When the teams gain momentum by going through the stages of discovery, planning, ideation, choosing and prototyping an idea, the end result is always exciting and unpredictable. When we go through a mission I am as enthusiastic as the children - and after completing it I am eager to experience the next one!’​


    Lucy - Montessori teacher, 3-6 y/o:

    ‘The missions have unparalleled success with the kids - they are so impressed that the discussions about buildings, bridges, space rockets and planets go on for days ahead! Some of the objects we create during a mission are regularly built again in the sand box. Parents often share with me that the mission themes successfully take over their family time at home, too. I am happy to be able to work with Red Paper Plane’s projects - together we will be able to help kids develop skills that will be really beneficial for their future.’

  • Let's learn together!

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  • Design thinking in education.

    Design thinking gives a new point of view on the way we learn, educate and teach. In our Medium blog we publish articles and texts about innovation in education, project-based learning, 21st century skills and the future of work.


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