• Changing education by design.

    We bring project-based learning to a whole new level.

  • Towards human-centered education.

    Human-centered design holds an enormous potential for change in education systems all over the world.


    We have tested our missions in preschool and primary school settings and the results are very encouraging. Children love the fact that for a whole week they could immerse themselves in the world of an architect, an astronaut or an automobile designer with a particular challenge to work on.


    Each day offered them a myriad of activities and a process to follow. It wasn't simply the end result that drove them forward - it was the whole learning experience.

    Design thinking, adapted by us for early learning environments.

    We enter this school year by launching our own innovative program, based on the design thinking methodology. We have structured the program around a yearly curriculum with group-based missions, lead by teachers and following a monthly theme. The program encourages a mix of 21-st century skills and gradually increases the level of difficulty in the particular tasks.


    The program is designed for preschools and primary schools. It is complemented with online resources and matching materials for parents and home play. We believe that it is one of the most advanced and structured programs for children at this age.


    The program includes 12 missions, each one containing materials for children, teachers and parents. All educators enrolled in the program will go through customized on site or online trainings to familiarize themselves with our adaptation of design thinking for preschools and primary schools. All materials come in a PDF format and provide flexibility according to the number of children and teachers.

    How do we achieve results?

    Our program for preschools and primary schools has three key components:

    1. Engaging children in meaningful projects. We are one of the few organizations to apply design thinking in the preschool and primary school environment.
    2. Showing how the real world works. We offer a structured program with monthly missions, based on various professions and human activities.
    3. Doing by learning. We encourage and develop problem solving skills, teamwork and creative confidence.
  • Get enrolled now.

    Get in touch with us if you want to become part of our preschool and primary school program.

  • "Design Thinking for Educators" Toolkit

    This toolkit by IDEO contains the process and methods of design, adapted specifically for the context of K-12 education. We used it as a main reference material in our adaptation of design thinking for the preschool and primary school learning environments. See more here.