• The journey so far.

    Red Paper Plane took off in the early summer of 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • From left to right: Annie, Georgi, Sonny and Tsveti. Photo: Marica Kolcheva for Grazia Magazine


    We are Tsveti and Georgi - a family from Bulgaria raising two kids (Sonny, 4 and Annie, 2) and working in management consulting. As most parents do, we want to spend quality time with our children. Yet very few of the children’s games, toys and activities currently available on the market truly match the learning abilities of young children. They are also extremely boring for us, adults.


    So we set ourselves a challenge - how can we combine our passion for creative problem solving in our working lives with fun, meaningful and engaging activities at home? Staying true to the design thinking principles, first we set off to know more about our users and customers. Thankfully, they were right in front of us every day.


    Wе discovered that children’s interests are activity-based (focused on the process), not object-based (focused on the end goal). We also discovered that children learn from the whole experience, rather than a single moment. They don't simply want a car - they want to become automobile designers and build their own vehicle. Or become drivers and race on a track, repair and upgrade. They don't simply want to build a rocket - they want to become astronauts and spaceship commanders, to plan and execute a mission, to collect samples from alien planets and return them back to base. And after the adventure is over, to try again or start a new one.


    We saw an opportunity and decided to do something about it. Our approach was to turn one-off activities like cooking together into projects that lasted several days. It worked - and this is how Red Paper Plane was born.

  • Meet the ground crew.

    We are true believers in the power of learning and creative problem solving from very early age.

    Tsveti Kamova

    Creator & mom in charge

    Tsveti is a mompreneur, Montessori fan, early childhood development enthusiast and a former energy expert.


    Georgi Kamov

    Visionary dad in residence

    Georgi is an innovation consultant, social entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and off-piste skier.


    Jenny Koutsarova

    Manager "New destinations"

    Jenny is a philosophy graduate, dedicated mom, video game fan, crochet afficionado and karaoke rock star.


    Elina Zheleva

    Design thinking trainer

    Elina is our design thinking guru (Hello, Stanford d.school!)

    Violetka Slavova

    Architect, design thinking trainer

    Leti is a human-centered architect, creative innovator, education-hacking enthusiast and an all-in crossfitter.

    Mariya Angelova

    Psychology and education expert​

    Mariya is our Singapore-based education wiz.

    Alexandra Nikolova

    Digital marketing Pro

    Alex is our all-smiles digital marketing powerhouse.

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