• We are

    Red Paper Plane.


    We create awesome design thinking projects for 4-10 y.o. kids, parents and educators. Come fly with us and try a new way to learn, grow and play.


  • What we believe in.

    The formative years, the essential skills and the right process this is our recipe for transforming education and learning.

    We believe in the amazing capabilities of our children and the importance of spending quality time with them at home and in the classroom. During the key formative years of their lives — from 4 to 10 years of age — they learn at an incredible rate. There is no better time to bring into play their incredible abilities and help them become confident human beings. They can do so much more — and so can we.


    We believe that the way we learn and educate ourselves is the biggest challenge of our time. It reflects on everything we do — what kind of skills we need to prosper, how happy and successful we can become and how can we change the world around us for the better. That's why we need much, much better ways to foster the so-called '21st century skills' — problem solving, creativity, collaboration, communication, curiosity, initiative, grit, leadership, adaptability, social and cultural awareness.


    We believe that the best way to nurture skills is with whole learning experiences. We should make use of powerful, proven innovation methods such as design thinking and stimulate children to solve real-life challenges and explore how the world actually works. And we should make this easy, fun and engaging for everyone — adults and kids alike.

  • What we create.

    Use the full potential of design thinking at home and in the classroom with our advanced educational programs.

    Design Champions

    Program for teachers and kids

    Design Champions is a novel way to apply project-based learning with 4-10 year olds in preschools, primary schools and educational centres.

    Design Explorers

    Program for parents and kids

    Design Explorers is an exciting way to spend quality time with your 4-10 year old/s by taking on challenges with professions and engaging topics.

  • Some nice words about us.

    Here is some of the recognition for our work that we are happy to share with you.

    Red Paper Plane combines quality content with design thinking in a truly innovative educational product.

    This is fantastic — especially for family weekends! I’ll definitely try Mission: Astronaut with my son Tilo this weekend!

    The Red Paper Plane missions take challenge based activities to a whole different level, making each project much more in depth.

    The idea behind every mission is to solve real-world problems in the same manner as artists, engineers, developers, teachers, or entrepreneurs.

    Winners for “Leading Female Founder” and nominees for Startup of the Year, Best Educational Startup and Best Social Impact Startup 2016, 2017, 2018

    Nominees for Best Innovation in Education 2017, 2018

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