• You and your kid make a great innovation team.


    Turn your moments together into amazing, real-life adventures with our design thinking projects for the home. Family time has never been so exciting!


  • Spending time with our kids is vital.

    How we spend it is even more important.

    Hint: it's all about the experience.

    We all want to spend quality time with our children. This means having fun and enjoying our moments together, but also learning new things, building good habits and nurturing important life skills. At the end of the day, when everyone is finally asleep, we start thinking about the big issues —  raising successful children and preparing them for all kinds of challenges in life, especially in their formative years when we are closest to them.


    And it turns out that it’s not so easy. First, our time with the kids is a complicated affair —  it's never enough, it's not always perfectly organised, sometimes we lack inspiration, other times we have to somehow squeeze it in with everything else going on in our lives. Second, the things we do together are often one-off activities not exactly working towards the habits and skills we hope to nurture (although it's written on the packaging).


    We believe that raising young innovators and creators shouldn't be rocket science. That's why with Red Paper Plane we created missions —  engaging, ready-made projects for the home, setting you and your 4-10 year old (or more of them) on many exciting adventures. Because what matters in the end is the process, the whole experience —  the fact that we are in this together as a team, we have a challenge to solve and we can have lots of fun along the way.

  • Meet Design Explorers!

    A program with missions — real-life design challenges. Made for parents and 4–10 y.o. kids to shape lifelong habits and skills. Created with design thinking.

    Discover the world in many different ways

    Children like to immerse themselves in different areas of life all the time. Car designer? Astronaut? Storyteller? Traveller? No problem — each of our missions is based on a profession or human activity, helping kids to explore and understand the world from a new perspective.

    Nurture a whole range of skills together

    Behind each mission lies a powerful process, helping you actually nurture key 21st century skills — from creativity and problem solving to perseverance and being open to new experiences. Having a whole program allows you to turn them into habits for life.

    Plan and structure your family time

    Instead of thinking how to juggle all kinds of activities, our missions help you set up your family time in no time — without hassle. Just print out the mission and you are ready to go! We also include great additional materials to immerse you in the mission topic.

    Use a proven innovation method

    All our missions are based on design thinking — the leading method for innovation and creativity. It helps children explore and discover, come up with unique solutions, work in a team, prototype and present their ideas. Your child will make use of the whole design thinking toolkit in a very accessible way.

    Engage the whole family in the process

    So many of the activities for 4-10 year olds are made for them and not for us, parents. Instead of feeling bored or letting your child to play alone all the time, the program is designed to be exciting for all family members . You will learn many new things together with your child — if you are up for the challenge 😉

    Turn screen time into smart time

    We know that it's one of the major worries in this day and age. But instead of limiting screen time, we turn it into something useful. Our missions provide great opportunities for research — from videos with marine life to apps about the night sky and the planets. Let's get inspired and informed!

  • Parents on a mission.

    See how our program takes part in so many family journeys.​

    'I аm fostering key skills for the future'


    — Ventsi, Mother of two


    Red Paper Plane came to us in a very important moment. We were looking for a method to foster important skills in our child — skills that will help her be in sync to the world she will live in. The missions enable us to teach Yoni to be balanced, patient and focused, to express her thoughts and present her ideas. Together we develop empathy, discipline and creativity. Thank you, Red Paper Plane!

    'I аm embarking on an adventure'


    — Marina, Mother of two


    The Red Paper Plane missions landed in our home a couple of years ago, when I was looking for a meaningful way to spend time with my children. We hopped on board and since then, carried on its wings, we (re)discover new worlds, opportunities, skills, games... And all of this comes with lots of surprises and smiles, (as well as huge anticipation for the next mission). This is what a trip to the future should look like and how we should prepare our kids for it, even though we don't exactly know what it will hold. This is a journey in which parents and children learn from each other, create memories and dream together. Because it's not the end goal that matters, but the journey itself. Bon voyage to all families!

    'I аm growing together with my children'


    — Elena, Mother of two


    The Red Paper Plane missions are a special part of my family time. We've been part of the program for three years now, so Theo has been playing them for the better part of his first seven years of age. Both me and the kids learned a lot and went through many challenging stages in the process of growing up. No matter how stressful or busy my day is, Theo is the person to follow our progress in a mission and what is our task for today. Thank you for the valuable skills that you nurture in my sons and for all the shared moments together!

    'I аm organising my family time'


    — Veronica, Mother of two


    We are Veronica and Vitya and we love the Red Paper Plane missions. We started when he was 3 — it was a bit difficult and I tested his patience, but with a little help things went well. I'm definitely not the super organised and consistent kind of person, which made making the missions in consecutive days a bit of a challenge. But, thanks to Red Paper Plane I'm learning too, and my child as well. Now he's waiting impatiently for each mission — he knows we go through several stages until 'the best part comes', as he says. We have lots of fun, I get to spend time with him and the missions provide me with ready-made activities in my busy life.

    'I аm spending a different kind of summer'


    — Diana, Mother of four


    Who’s ready for summer?! We’ve got 10 weeks of holiday, four kids and a new puppy and have opted not to enroll in summer camp! 😅 Growth and development are so important to me and knowing that kids learn best when they’re having fun means that the summer is a blank canvas of opportunities for growth. This year I wanted a structured, fun and creative approach to the kids summer fun. So I chose Red Paper Plane.

  • So many great challenges!

    Here is a glimpse of the missions we play in Design Explorers.

    Mission: Car Designer

    Let's invent the family car of the future!

    Mission: Ice Cream Surprise

    Let's help people try out new ice cream flavours!

    Mission: Package Designer

    Let's make an impressive presentation of a favourite toy!

    Mission: Marine Storyteller

    Let's come up with new adventures for Captain Longbeard!

    Mission: Bartender

    Let's create our own unique healthy drink!

    Mission: Traveller

    Let's turn every part of our trip into an adventure!

    Mission: Cartographer

    Let's discover and share our own neighbourhood sights!

    Mission: Visual Storyteller

    Let's recall the most interesting moments of the day!

    Mission: Astronaut

    Let's discover the wonders of the planets in our Solar System!

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